Mid-West General Practice Law Firm

The Problem

The firm was having challenges managing their patent illustrations. This included getting inconsistent quality of drawings, unpredictable pricing and unreliable turn-around times.

The Challenges Faced

Patent Illustrations were being performed by numerous outside vendors based on the attorney’s preference of who they wanted to use for this service

Inconsistent quality of patent illustrations led to an increase in OA’s

No consistent pricing models based on the many vendors being used which impacted cost predictability

Vendors were not meeting the firm’s time frames for invoicing

No consistent firm wide processes and procedures for managing the patent illustrations work

Cost pressures from their Clients

The firm’s clients were questioning the patent drawings charges as they found no consistent pricing structure from one patent application project to another.

Recommended Solutions

The law firm implemented BlackBox IP’s Patent Illustration service to be their main provider of patent drawings. Since the firm consolidated the majority of this work with BlackBox IP, they achieved dramatic cost savings taking advantage of a volume discount pricing model. They gained improved cost transparency as BlackBox agreed to a tiered pricing structure based on the complexity of drawings.

BlackBox provided a cost proposal based on the complexity for each illustration project before the work commenced. The firm also realized consistent, high quality drawings with improved turn-around times. This helped the firm meet mission critical deadlines expected from their clients.

What We Achieved as Final Outcome

Yearly costs savings of $150K by consolidation to one vendor which included reduced costs based on volume discounts.

Implemented workflow processes leading to efficiency gains and quicker turn-around times.

Improved quality of drawings led to a reduction in OA rejections.

Streamlined the invoicing process so the firm can bill their clients quicker.

Transparent predictable patent drawings pricing.