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“IP, Powered by Tech” – BlackBox IP has built IP Solutions that provide our clients with business intelligence,  reduces costs and mitigate the risk in managing IP. Paralegals and attorneys will greatly benefit from access to AI/ML enabled technology that is easy to use and extremely intuitive.  The user interface is uniquely flexible enabling users to quickly access data that is most important to them.  Our technology solutions are not mere software codes written to automate tasks, rather they are based on years of IP experience of serving marquee clients, and our passion for developing innovative tools that make our clients much more efficient. Know More…

BlackBox IDS is a proprietary technology solution to manage your IDS practice at 1/10th of the time and a fraction of the cost with no errors or missing references as compared to other conventional ways of performing IDS work. It is the most advanced IDS technology platform in the IP Industry. It is a web-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services . All data resides in the US and BlackBox IDS complies with all USPTO Export Control laws.

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a. IDS Management – Leveraging BlackBox IDS technology tool and people resources

b. Docketing Services – People + Technology

c. Patent Proofreading Services – People + Technology

d. PTA Audits: Gain Extra Protection for your blockbuster products

e. USPTO Filing Services – Speed up the filing process using our Technology delivery

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For every stage of the patent prosecution process from filing to grant, there are many important activities that are required including docketing, preparation of filing packages, IDS management, proof reading, data verification and IP recordals. These “patent prosecution support activities” are generally performed by the paralegals working with their respective patent attorneys. Historically, patent support activities were mainly performed by in-house paralegals. The administrative burden of handling growing volumes of patent prosecution activities has led to the outsourcing of support services.

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Patent applications contain drawings illustrating the invention or the prior art. The drawings are required by law to be in a particular format, and the requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction. These patent illustrations and drawings are required during the filing of the patent application and are prepared by professional illustrators. The illustrations may include any type of mechanical drawing view from a perspective, exploded perspective, cross section, isolated, elevation and plan views.

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A prior art search is often conducted before an inventor files a patent application. This helps to determine if the invention is novel before the inventor commits the resources necessary to obtain a patent. The search may include world-wide patent databases of granted patents, published patent applications and non-patent literature such as scientific journals, PhD. thesis, web blogs, books etc.

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Our clients range from large general practice firms to IP boutiques as well as various sized corporations. Some of our expertise include …

IDS Management

Docketing Services


PTA Audits

USPTO Filing

Patent Search

About Us

Driven by passion for IP and ambition to create technology enabled solutions for IP complexities, BlackBox IP was founded in 2015. The founders are a seasoned Executive team that has managed a multi-billion dollar enterprise in the IP Market. Our focus is building leading edge technology platforms and IP outsourcing solutions that help our clients cut costs, gain efficiencies, and above all reduce risk.

Client Testimonials

The new client we recently won was astonished and grateful that BlackBox IDS was able to identify numerous uncited references on their matters. What a great first impression we were able to make along with the invaluable trust we have gained during the early stages of our client relationship.
Your IDS product is simply amazing. We have already recommended BlackBox IDS to some of our industry colleagues who are always looking for technology solutions to make their firms more efficient and risk averse.
BlackBox IDS is the first technology solution I have seen in the Market that specifically addresses the labor intensive challenges of managing IDS’. Our firm is now able to manage the IDS process for our clients at a profit.


Meet the Team

Anand Sharma

Founder & CEO at BlackBox IP, Anand comes with over 25 years of experience in various leadership roles with global corporations; recently with CPA Global, and previously with Bennett Coleman, Cendant and E-bookers. He has played a pivotal role in scaling many early-stage businesses to highly profitable multi-million dollar enterprises.

Peter Sewell

Peter is Member of the Board of Directors of BlackBox IP. Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer at CPA Global for 14 years. Peter joined CPA Global in 1999 and led the Company’s transformation into the global leader in IP management software and services, extending the product/service range, overseeing key acquisitions, and increasing worldwide reach.

Contact us

  • (+1) 212 634 4384
  • 30 Wall Street, #800, 8th floor, New York, NY 10005