Prior Art Search & Patentability Search:
  • Improve grant rate
  • Informed decision on CIP/Continuation
  • Refine idea generation
  • Input to R&D
Freedom to Operate:
  • Spot the potential hazards of infringement
  • Reduce Office Actions
  • Minimize the risk of RCE or Appeals
  • Meet the First to File Challenge
Landscape Search:
  • Insightful landscape reports beyond traditional method of compiling data.
  • Identify opportunity to monetize
  • Manage infringement risk
  • Competition Benchmarking Landscape
  • Portfolio specific Analysis
  • Domain or technology specific Analytics
Paralegal Support
  • Filing support
  • Formals Management
  • Inventor Assignments/declarations
  • Notice of allowance review
  • Managing foreign agents/filing
  • Focusing on all the details and keeping a tab of all deadlines through a mix of manual and tool based systems
  • Use our proprietary audit and cross-check processes to ensure that docketing fidelity is very high.
  • Support the docketing process even beyond the patent prosecution process and helping manage renewal of patents
  • Reduced risk of penalties
  • De-Docketing
  • Maintain the objective of Zero Critical errors by avoiding unwanted closure of a foreign filing deadline, incorrect assessment of a deadline for advisory actions and docketing a ‘restrictions requirement’ correspondence as a non-final office action.
  • USPTO PAIR Audits: Makeup for PTO communication misses and validate whether your IP management software is up to date on a weekly / monthly basis.
  • Reduce loss of PTA Days
  • Centralized docketing services helps the IP database become more standardized
  • Zero out leakages
IDS (Technology. Powered by IP.)
  • Reliable
    • Integrates with USPTO:
      • - System logs into Private PAIR to automatically:
        • - Create pending US applications including new filings
        • - Link family members
        • - Docket IDS relevant PTO office actions
        • - Track filing of office action responses
      • - PAIR audit to ensure no US document is missed
      • - E-file approved IDS
    • Iron clad controls:
      • - System driven reference status
      • - USPTO compliant IDS filing package
      • - US Export Control compliant
      • - Role-based access for users
  • Intelligent
    • OCR based automated extraction of references from 892 & previously filed IDS
    • Manage duplicate references:
      • - NPL duplicate check algorithm
      • - Accurate reference source date
    • Alerts the paralegal to:
      • - Minimize loss of PTA
        • - Notifies uncited references when Office Action response is filed (See Gilead Sciences Inc. v. Lee, 778 F.3d 1341, 113 USPQ2d 1837 Fed. Cir. 2015)
        • - 37 CFR 1.704(d) deadline is approaching
      • - Minimize risk of RCE filing
        • - Notifies missing foreign & US family members
        • - Reference entry is pending
      • - Save IDS filing fee
  • Scalable
    • Technology @ zero cost
    • Transfer-in cases directly from Private PAIR and gain faster business take-on
    • Manage complex variations
      • - IDS preferences of client / attorney
      • - Configurable reference flow rules (within the family & other related matters)
      • - Configurable workflow business rules & data access
    • Manage large volumes efficiently
      • - Fetches reference bibliographic data directly from INPADOC (including reference PDF)
      • - Automates handling of Non-English Reference PDFs
      • - Generates USPTO compliant IDS filing package (including Job Options)
Validity / Invalidity Searches
  • Identify any hidden prior art
  • Highlight potential specification / claim defects in subject patent
  • Strong focus on non-patent literature search
Evidence of Use Searches:
  • Health check on portfolio to avoid infringement risk
  • Review of Competitor products for monetization
  • Licensing opportunities in specific domain or product set
Proof Reading:
  • Safeguard granted patents
  • Review file wrapper of granted patents to avoid critical errors
  • Perform health check on high value patents to avoid litigation surprises
PTA Audits:
  • Gain extra protection otherwise lapsing due to errors
  • Significant revenue protection for blockbuster products
  • Analytics for identifying improvement opportunities in prosecution
Foreign Filing Management:
  • Greater control over foreign filing
  • Easy to use dashboard for regular status updates
  • Compliance to instructions
  • Comparative analytics
Invoice Management
  • Control errors and over-invoicing
  • Monitor instruction adherence
  • Remove excessive currency exchange rate burden
Portfolio Health Check
  • Conduct ABC analysis of portfolio
  • Informed decision on abandonments, extensions
  • Decision support for Patent Thicket creation
Monitor Patenting activity in your area of interest or threat
  • Summary of thousands of patents every week
  • Insights on chosen domain or industry
  • Deep research on monetization opportunities
  • Invalidations by opposing the issuance in time
Competitive SWOT
  • Map overlaps and risk areas
  • Summarize low to high impact EOU cases
Infringement Analytics
Product to Patents and Patents to product map
  • Map feature wise claims against issued patents
  • Map product to patents to avoid litigation risk
  • Map patents to products in market for licensing opportunities
  • Industry analysis mapped to your portfolio
  • New patents influence on benchmark score


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