A prior art search is often conducted before an inventor files a patent application. This helps to determine if the invention is novel before the inventor commits the resources necessary to obtain a patent. The search may include world-wide patent databases of granted patents, published patent applications and non-patent literature such as scientific journals, PhD thesis, web blogs, books etc.

Prior art searches provide information support not only during the filing of a patent application but also help in making informed decisions at almost every stage of the patent life-cycle (from conception of an invention until patent maintenance). The searches provide support in gaining a competitive advantage and also help in identifying technology areas for R & D investments.

When patent owners are confronted by allegations of patent infringement, proof of invalidity based on prior art serves as a very good line of defense. Potential adverse judgments may run into hundreds of millions of dollars, which is why it makes good business sense to have an exhaustive patent invalidity search. Also, a patent validity search is often commissioned before asserting, licensing, buying, or selling a patent to confirm that the patent is indeed enforceable. Knowing the validity of the patent allows one to make a better-informed and stronger negotiating stance. Thus, prior art searches help mitigate risks, save on filing and prosecution costs, and help you make informed decisions in every phase of the patent life-cycle.

Patent Search Services

BlackBox IP provides Patent Search Services across the patent life-cycle

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