BlackBox IP offers a suite of IP Services that are technology assisted, and enable us to provide error free services to our clients. Our existing clients have eliminated leakages like discretionary PTO fees (e.g., RCEs, extensions) and increased efficiencies by 70% while drastically mitigating risk related to support services like docketing, IDS management, and other paralegal activities.

IDS Management

Leveraging BlackBox IDS technology tool and people resources

BlackBox IDS is a proprietary technology solution to manage your IDS practice at 1/10th of the time and a fraction of the cost with no errors or missing references as compared to other conventional ways of performing IDS work. It is the most advanced IDS technology platform in the IP Industry.  It is a web-based application hosted on (Amazon Web Services). All data resides in the US and BlackBox IDS complies with all USPTO Export Control laws.

Advantages of BlackBox IDS Include

Automated extraction of references from office actions (OA’s)
Single click e-filing
Notice of allowance (NOA) “about to be mailed” Alerts
Automated tracking of prosecution activities
Zero RCE - Guarantee
IDS Due Alerts

Docketing Services

People + Technology

Docketing is a rule based time consuming process. For a large patent portfolios, proper docketing ensures no deadlines are missed and timely responses are filed with the Patent Offices. BlackBox deploys a combination of technology and people to pull incoming office actions from PAIR/PTO and provide a complete and error free service. The BlackBox IP team is trained to review each document from an IP perspective. Any anomalies are highlighted back to the client for further discussion.

Leverage the BlackBox team and have your in-house valuable resources focus on other billable activities which impacts your organization’s top line. Our team can follow your current Docketing processes, and be a true extension of your organization.

We have helped our clients save up to 50% using BlackBox IP docketing resources without compromising on quality or turnaround times.

Patent Proofreading Services

People + Technology

The prosecution costs for obtaining a patent can be substantial.  Therefore, our clients use BlackBox IP’s Patent Proofreading services to help recognize if any errors are contained in the final Letters of Patent.

We use a combination of technology and people resources to identify if there was an Applicant or Patent Office error.

We can even prepare the Certificate of Correction (COC) to be filed at the USPTO.

Save time and money by outsourcing your proofreading work to BlackBox IP.

PTA Audits People + Technology

Gain extra patent  protection to avoid patent term reduction based on PTO delays

Significant revenue protection for blockbuster products – Increase the effective life of your patent term

Safeguard practitioners from potential disciplinary and malpractice proceedings

Analytics for identifying improvement areas related to prosecution processes and workflows

Typical PTA errors range from 4 to 215 days!

Example of potential revenue loss:

 – Lipitor Patent:

Annual revenue =  $7.9 Billion

Patent value =       $17 Million per day!

USPTO Filing Services Tech Delivery

BlackBox IP has a propriety technology tool that automates the process for filing documents at the USPTO EFS Web portal.

Your organization can save countless hours by leveraging BlackBox IP to automatically generate USPTO compliant documents (including removal of non-embedded fonts, job options, etc.) and upload them on EFS Web with no manual intervention.

Your in-house paralegals can perform a final review and click on the “Submit” button to file on EFS Web, or you can sponsor BlackBox IP and we can complete the end to end filing process.

By leveraging our BlackBox IP technology assisted Filing Service, your organization will be able to file more applications while meeting mission critical deadlines.