Patent applications contain drawings illustrating the invention or the prior art. The drawings are required by law to be in a particular format, and the requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction. These patent illustrations and drawings are required during the filing of the patent application and are prepared by professional illustrators. The illustrations may include any type of mechanical drawing view from a perspective, exploded perspective, cross section, isolated, elevation and plan views. Additionally, software screen captures, charts, flow diagrams, biotech, DNA sequencing and micrographs also form part of drawings at times. BlackBox IP’s illustration team has experience across different technology domains including- Mechanical, Biochemical, Biotechnological, Medical/Surgical device drawings, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science and Information technology, etc.

BlackBox IP’s Patent Drawings Service is comprised of a team of experienced Illustrators that provide high quality USPTO and PCT compliant Drawings for all technology sectors for both Utility Patent and Design applications. We also have significant experience in managing Notice to File Corrected Application Papers and Invitation to Correct Defects. Our pricing is completely transparent as we offer a tiered pricing structure based on the complexity levels of the figures. This helps avoid any pricing surprises.