How to enhance your firm's profitability, client experience and grow your business

Organizational Challenge

Enhance your firm’s profitability, client experience and grow your business.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations are looking for new opportunities to further reduce their prosecution cost. This trickles down to the law firms who manage the IP of these corporations, and are facing pressure to reduce their rates.

Law firms are therefore looking to

  1. Leverage technology solutions to get more efficient
  2. Increase billable hours of in-house resources
  3. Optimize costs – gain efficiencies
  4. Buy outsourcing results and not just capacity

BlackBox IP Solutions

Automate/outsource high volume, low billing activities

Consolidate your vendors to take advantage of volume discounts, and a consistent better quality of service

Reduce avoidable PTO fees like extensions, IDS filing fees

Analyze cost leakages i.e., billing write-offs, PTO fees which are not being passed on to the client

Increase Accuracy of data and Lower Risk

Organizational Challenge

Providing a high quality work product is a key component for client retention and winning new business.

Errors impact a firm’s reputation – law firms have to bear the cost of fixing such errors

Impact on professional liability insurance premiums

BlackBox IP Solutions

Use technology to enable your paralegals to transition from being doers to reviewers

More time for IP quality checks, which otherwise is spent retrieving IP data from multiple sources

Outsource high volume, low risk activities. Redeploy in-house personnel to high risk billable activities

Do More for less - Corporations' IP Department

Organizational Challenge

Do More for less – Corporations’ IP Department

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations are looking for

  1. New opportunities to further reduce prosecution costs
  2. Ways to maintain or increase patent filing volumes

BlackBox IP Solutions

Consolidate vendors

Identify service providers who can perform rule based activities at a much lower cost

Real time interactive dashboards, and performance measurement reports to track metrics for law firm performance

Gain efficiencies in IP Processes

Organizational Challenge

  • Law firm profit margins are decreasing based on fixed fee client arrangements
  • Client billing write-offs based on missing deadlines or tasks taking too long to perform
  • Improve attorney to paralegal ratio

BlackBox IP Solutions

Eliminate leakages like cost of RCEs / late IDS filing fees which was absorbed by the firm

Significantly reduce billing write-offs

70+% efficiency gains, re-align freed-up capacity to other billable activities

Technology adoption and automation to greatly improve efficiencies