For every stage of the patent prosecution process from filing to grant, there are many important activities that are required including docketing, preparation of filing packages, IDS management, proof reading, data verification and IP recordals. These “patent prosecution support activities” are generally performed by the paralegals working with their respective patent attorneys. Historically, patent support activities were mainly performed by in-house paralegals. The administrative burden of handling growing volumes of patent prosecution activities has led to the outsourcing of support services.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcing rule based administrative tasks allows in-house IP staff to focus their valuable time on billable activities or important decision making tasks.
  • In-house staff may develop strategic functional or technical competencies necessary to complete high value activities, leaving an outsourcing service provider to manage the administrative support.
  • An outsourcing provider’s scale brings efficiencies and at a lower cost.
  • IP departments can gain agility by leveraging a knowledgeable outsourcing partner for events like work overflows, urgent matters, transfers, staff changes, etc.
  • The risk of error in repetitive time consuming tasks and large volumes of data can be reduced by people + technology processes.
  • Budgetary pressures can be managed better with an outsourcing partner.
  • Organizations can remain in control of their work with real time interactive dashboards, and performance measurement reports.

BlackBox IP’s suite of IP Prosecution Services

Office Action Shell Responses
Formalities, Inventor Assignments/declarations
Notice of Allowance Review
File-in-take of New Portfolios
Foreign Agent Management