Are you looking to outsource your IP support services? Consider utilizing BlackBox IP’s unique Technology assisted IP support services. Our existing clients have eliminated any discretionary PTO fees (like RCE’s, extensions) and increased efficiencies by 70% while drastically mitigating risk related to support services like docketing, IDS management, and other paralegal prosecution activities.

The challenges with traditional outsourcing include shaving several manual touch points and requires client input on an ongoing basis which results in a much higher total cost of outsourcing.

Let’s compare traditional outsourcing with that of BlackBox IP outsourcing in greater detail

BlackBox IP’s technology backbone integrates with Private PAIR which helps our team to focus their time on mission critical prosecution deadlines, and not wasting precious time on searching for data from multiple sources. This enables our clients to not have to take-on the liability of pushing information to BlackBox IP.

Private Pair Integration Technology Assisted Outsourcing Technology Outsourcing Approach
Track new Office actions Automated Manual Pull
Track responses to Office actions / RCE filings / Issue fees etc. Automated Client Input Required (Ongoing)
Track new US / PCT US application filings Automated Client Input Required (Ongoing)

This automation also serves as a “third” pair of eyes. We have reconciliation layers which independently compares daily prosecution transactions with your IP management systems.

Receive an upcoming Notice of Allowance alert up to 10 days ahead of time. This helps our clients complete any formalities before receiving the notice of allowance and/or eliminate RCE’s due to the late discovery of references.

Our technology platform proactively identifies urgent IDS’, thereby, taking complete ownership of filing an IDS on time, every time.

These risk mitigating features are unique to BlackBox IP.

Alerts Technology Assisted Outsourcing Traditional Outsourcing Approach
Identify urgent IDS Automated Not Available
See it Early – get notified before OA is mailed by USPTO Automated Not Available
Audits for missing Office actions / family members Automated Not Available

Cross citation is a key component for IDS management. Our technology independently verifies family relationships and can automatically cross cite references between subject matter linked families. Our platform highly automates reference management, thereby, allowing our paralegals to review the data for client specific instructions.

Reference Management Technology Assisted Outsourcing Traditional Outsourcing Approach
Extractions of references from 892s & IDS Automated Manual
US Family Build Automated Client Input Required (Ongoing)
Reference flows in related matters Automated Manual

Data is pulled form Private PAIR to automatically populate USPTO forms. Upon receiving attorney approval, our technology platform uploads all filing documents on EFS Web with no manual intervention.Your in-house paralegals only need to click on the “Submit” button to file on EFS Web.

Deliverables Technology Assisted Outsourcing Traditional Outsourcing Approach
USPTO Form generation Automated Manual
Access to private PAIR credentials Automated Direct Access Required
Uploading file documents to EFS Web Automated Client Input Required (Ongoing)

BlackBox IP offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry, 1-day for your urgent requests.

We also guarantee zero errors. We will reimburse you the official fees if your cases are on Blackbox and any fees are paid to fix a BlackBox error.

The BlackBox IP Benefits

  • Reduce costs by 30-40%
  • High quality, reliable IP services
  • Frees up your team’s capacity to work on other prosecution activities
  • Risk mitigation since the BlackBox technology platform pulls data directly from PAIR
  • Quick turnaround times