• We have solutions to bring similar benefits as outsourcing.
  • You prefer working with existing teams, IPMS and your long established process…however face challenges in form of backlog, missing deadlines, unwarranted RCEs, cost pressure etc.
  • We can help you overcome these challenges without causing any disruption to your operating model…get in touch to discuss your bespoke solution.
  • You would like to optimise cost, get access to talent pool, ensure high quality support, build long term specialised and dedicated IP support team at a fraction of cost.
  • But you desire total control over all parts of the team and willing to manage the team with active involvement.
  • Our “Virtual Extended Team” model will help you get significant benefits of outsourcing but total control vested in you, we offer a direct interface with IP experts co-located with you in or near your preferred office …Get in touch to discover.
  • In an era where budgets can not catch up with increasing work volume, You would like to gain cost optimisation, access to big talent pool, flexibility to scale up or down resources, gain from best practice in the industry and beyond, secure with guaranteed BlackBoxIP quality service.
  • But you worry about increasing risk due to poor quality, don’t want to spend weeks explain the desired result and explaining the issues, frustrated with lack of IP knowledge and want to see results not process maps alone…
  • At BlackBox IP we guarantee only the best quality, we deploy highly qualified and experienced IP professionals who understand managing IP is not process rather criticality of task, importance of lowering risk and Zero error tolerance…get in touch.
  • You would like to buy results not capacity, you would like to pay for what you get and don’t have predictable data for volume of work and your requirements tend to spike frequently. Sometimes you need help to manage spikes, when staff on holiday or sudden spurt in work for other reasons.
  • But you have no tolerance for low quality, no time to waste on training and educating remotely located resources on IP in general and your unique needs in specific.
  • We offer total flexibility with same quality as in other engagement models, you will pay for quality results only and if you don’t accept the quality you don’t pay….Get in touch.


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