BlackBox IDS is a proprietary technology solution to manage your IDS practice at 1/10th of the time and a fraction of the cost with no errors or missing references as compared to other conventional ways of performing IDS work. It is the most advanced IDS technology platform in the IP Industry. It is a web-based application hosted on (Amazon Web Services). All data resides in the US and BlackBox IDS complies with all USPTO Export Control laws.

BlackBox IDS is now powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms that significantly enhances the speed and accuracy of the IDS process. Accuracy of our AI engines is as high as 99 percent in case of languages using single byte characters and not less than 86 percent for two byte character languages. Further, we apply a rule based refinement algorithm which helps achieve close to 100 percent accuracy.

Advantages of BlackBox IDS include

Automated extraction of references from office actions (OA’s)

References listed in 892’s, SB-08’s, and OA’s are automatically extracted and uploaded eliminating the need of manual reference entry while building a comprehensive reference library.

Single click e-filing

BlackBox IDS automatically generates USPTO compliant reference PDF’s (including removal of non-embedded fonts) and uploads them on EFS Web with no manual intervention. Your in-house paralegals can perform a final review and click on the “Submit” button to file on EFS Web. This speeds up the filing process and assists paralegals to file more IDS’ while meeting mission critical deadlines.

Notice of allowance (NOA) “about to be mailed” Alerts

Receive an upcoming NOA alert up to 10 days ahead of time. This ground-breaking feature in BlackBox IDS helps our clients eliminate RCE’s due to the late discovery of references and /or complete any formalities before receiving the NOA.

Automated tracking of prosecution activities

You do not need to update BlackBox when a new office action is received, issue fee is paid, or RCE is filed. Our technology platform automatically tracks the matters that we are responsible for – thereby, significantly reducing the time spent by your in-house team.

Zero RCE – Guaranteed!

We will reimburse you the official fees ($1300/$1900) if your cases are on BlackBox and an RCE is filed due to a missing reference.

IDS Due Alerts

BlackBox IDS will proactively provide a list of matters where an IDS is due and also flag the matters where urgent attention is needed. This helps our clients eliminate RCE’s or any official filing fees due to the late discovery of references.